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Izzet Phoenix in Modern

Too often when new sets come out I am slow to adapt. Fortunately, the last two Ravnica sets have been awesome and have given Legacy a fair amount of new tools to work with.

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Among the cards that excite me Pteramander is very high on the list. Being part-Delver and part-Tombstalker sounds like the makings of a good card and I really want to push it to see how good it is. This has the appearance of being an interactive deck but in practice it feels more like a linear combo deck.

Occasionally it has traditional Delver draws; Dazing, Bolting, and Wastelanding opponents into the dust.

Arclight Phoenix Rising in Legacy

However, Plan A in this deck is always to turbo out as many Arclight Phoenixes as possible. The cards that do this Careful Study and Thought Scour also happen to be good at moving Instants and Sorceries into the graveyard. This enables the Adapt on Pteramander very quickly and legitimately makes it feel like a Blue Tombstalker. The core of the deck is extremely powerful and it has the ability to kill fairly quickly.

Phoenix Legacy

This forces opponents to act quickly lest they die, which mitigates our need for interaction. I really like that aspect of the deck because Legacy can be a brutal environment.

Playing a relatively slow clock and trying to disrupt opponents can sometimes be a difficult task. I did feel like some of the draws were non-functional, though. Start here to help Legacy bring better health and quality of life to Arizonans in need.

Steam Workshop :: Offizielle Phoenix-Legacy Phase 2 Kollektion

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