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That the movie should always go for it, in the end. Whatever that means. One of the things we loved about this was that it, it was a difficult construction to understand at a certain glance. Well, we talked a lot about different influences in Norse mythology. And this was one of his original designs based on our conversations that he had passed across and I loved it instantly. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Reviews Movie Clips Interviews.

Image via Netflix. Previous Article. Dark Angel by MoSassy23 reviews Ciel Phantomhive has given up his soul to the demon Sebastian in exchange for revenge, but what would his older sister Sophia give up? Sophia Phantomhive carries the title of Countess, and shares the title of Queen's Guard Dog with her brother. Also, she just so happens to be Sebastian's fiancee and future mate. It started with a love affair, which ended up re-igniting the friendship of two men, thought to be enemies. When Logan goes back in time, he realizes that the way to unite them under a common cause is to ignite this love affair.

The problem? Charles doesn't want his daughter in love with the enemy's son. The Memoryless Gaul by IrisMikaelson reviews Sookie has a twin sister named Flora that can only read thoughts if she is touching the person. Flora was with Sookie through it all. Flora and Eric managed to convince Godric to live for one more year. During that year Flora and Godric fell in love, so Godric decided to live longer. It was Godric that went to the witches and got cursed.

This is the story of The Memoryless Gaul. How Will I Know? Isabella is the only daughter of a police officer that works for the mob. Unfortunately for her he owes the Cullens, and she's the price. How will Edward adapt to having an unwilling wife? Will these two damaged souls fall in love?

And how will she know if he really loves her? Grey to blue by W1ldf1re reviews Christian meets Ana at a bar Right before she passes out. With only one year for Scarlett to live, the Winchester siblings tried to find a way to break the contract before the clock will stop. Once Bitten, Twice Shy by alexb73 reviews The first female werewolf to be born. Her story of going back to the Danver's home in Stone Haven, and having a steamy relationship with a one Mr. Jeremy Danvers, the Alpha. She once gave her heart to Jeremy, and left because he failed to give his in return.

Will her coming back to Stone Haven give Jeremy another chance, or will she walk away and be a Mutt due to him? After his "death" he came back with his family. What will happen when they meet three years later? Better than it sounds I swear. Timid, reserved and in desperate need of some nurturing, will living with the Cullen's be just what she needs? Forbidden Love by gypsyxo reviews This story takes place a couple of years after the original Lost Boys e lost boys and max never died! Sam Emerson moves back to Santa Carla for a new job with his daughter Reina but is keeping a huge secret about his childhood experience.

Whilst exploring the Boardwalk, Reina bumps into four strange bikers and ends up falling for a certain blonde. When she was 10, Sam left the hunting business and left her with her father, John and her older brother. Four years later, Dean and Scarlett went to get Sam, to look for their father. When she takes Kate's place to interview the elusive Christian Grey, what happens when they discover they are soul mates? Can Christian learn to be hearts and flowers, putting behind his sexual proclivities?

Soul Mate AU. Yoaraerea by kpeterson reviews Before the day the fellowship comes together, Gandalf goes to meet with and old friend to ask her help. Though she looks to be young she is much older than she appears. Her powers are great though many doubt her. Raven is a Yoaraerea or ancient one and she has history with others in the fellowship. She is powerful, but does she have the strength to take part in another war? The Wayward Daughter by elliotteareed reviews When John Winchester finds a baby girl at the side of the road, the life of the Winchesters will change forever.

What if it wasn't just Sam and Dean saving people and hunting things? Meet Ella- honorary Winchester, bad-ass hunter, and the girl who will either save them all or destroy everything she touches. The Ghost by Gemmi92 reviews Annie Walters had her one experience with vampires and that had been enough for her. That was until she met Eric Northman. I tremble as held me in his arms.

My life had changed from bad to worse. Now what do I do? My Savior by smileylovesfiftyshades reviews Ana is a recluse and becomes a single mom unexpectedly. On the way from Her fathers, she picks up two strangers from the side of the road. Connie by it'sjust-Lex reviews Charles Xavier's little sister is everything to him. A series of one shots documenting Constantine Xavier and her strange talents. One shots won't necessarily be chronological and may contain spoilers for the X Men franchise. Love is All I Need by RozalineGrey reviews Anastasia Steele, a smart but naive year-old and her two-year old daughter have to go on the run from a dark past.

What happens when she meets the mysterious Christian Grey? Will he accept her and her daughter or leave them where he found them? Mutant and Proud by Penstruck reviews Victoria discovers her powers when she is 8 years old. When she hears of Charles Xavier and his work on mutations she figures he is the only one that can help her. But she doesn t know what she is in for when she finally meets him and the other mutants. The Alpha by StillDreaming85 reviews He could have chosen any female wolf in the room.

Why did he have to choose me, the lone half-breed? First Class: Case A by Sam. HoranTurtleDuck reviews Charles and Erik take another mutant out of the prison where Alex was locked in. Rose Antonelli is a peculiar case.

She is an unnerving and mysterious girl who definitely hides something behind the robe on her face. What is it? What is her mutation that only Charles seems to know? Your Poison Run's Through My Vein's by Original Sister reviews Isabella Potter and her brother Harry Potter have been inseparable all their life and were beyond happy to be accepted into Hogwarts, but what will happen when one day Isabella comes across a mysterious diary and finds herself drawn to a forbidden world.

Belle of the South by ScarlettMae reviews In a world full of supernatural beings, Serena is one as well. On one evening she happens to catch the attention of the vampire Eric Northman.

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As he wants to find out what she is, Serena has to do her best to keep her identity a secret for him, and others as well, which proves to be harder than she might have ever imagined. Things change for Celine when she finally decides to come back for a visit, only to have her entire life turned upside down on the eve of her return. Will she survive or will she fall. What Are You? Why does the humming intensify when she is near him?

What is she? Caged by Marie-xx reviews Deathly Dana- is a fearing nickname she picked up after being labelled one of the most dangerous mutants to exist to mankind. Under Government forces, Dana knows nothing more than the pain of physical and emotional bars. That is until she walks into Charles Xavier's school. Maybe there is more to Dana than people think. Life's On Balance Sequel to The Family Business by Katherine reviews Scarlett's life was in danger after the car accident and the Winchester men trying to save her from the death that coming for her.

As Scarlett keep fighting for her life, Sam and Dean without success to save their sister, John made a choice with himself to save his daughter - But it also came with a price. Esme is still in the pic, Bella is family approved, Edward is a bit pissy he didn't get his way and that Carlisle gets the girl. More of a lemon one shot. Not all that great but I like the idea of the story Into Darkness by Under the Setting Sun reviews Katniss has the poor luck of being captured by the Capitol; while Peeta gets spirited away to District Katniss, knowing that she is a prisoner of her mortal enemy, blows all caution to the wind and lets her hatred for the Capitol be seen by all of Panem; inciting the rebellion as a prisoner, instead of a freedom fighter.

Her journey is a long and dark one. What happens when the two girls have already met and are best friends before the team has even formed? And how will the team learn to trust each other and bond as well as train before the big battle with Shaw? What relationships will form? Set during First Class. M for sensitive themes. Warmness On The Soul by Jazz reviews The Winchester brothers found themselves in Forks, Washington, looking into strange attacks when the sheriff's daughter, Bella, is missing.

When Bella's world collides with the boys, chaos follows at every turn and she becomes someone she never thought she could be. Set in New Moon and Season 1 of Supernatural. Fifty Shades Needed by MouseHamptonGray reviews Ana has a rough past that is holding her back, Christian who has the same past as the books has overcome his struggles. While she is spiralling out of control Christian takes her hand and leads her into the world of BDSM and finding her footing.

Sometimes love isn't enough but support is always needed. The Invisible Girl by Ravenclawpotter reviews After Eliana Kozick saw her mother killed before her very eyes in a concentration camp, Erik Lehnsherr vows to take care of her, becoming like her older brother. When the two meet Charles Xavier, things take a miraculous turn for the better, finding a larger family than they ever had. And a certain Blonde might just catch Eliana's eye. Terrible summary but please read! Stripped by emeraldphoenix23 reviews Sometimes the last place you want to go is the place where you're needed the most.

Returning home after running away for over a year is never easy. Things happen in that year, people change, wounds still aren't healed, but sometimes home is where you need to go to heal. Bella's finally coming home to Mystic Falls, but is she ready for what she is going to find there? The Roman Witch by wolfie witch reviews Cloelia, born in Rome, unofficial sister to Godric and the one person Eric openly cares about but is it more then her just being Godric Sister that he cares about.

The Ballet Class by Jujukeck reviews When Christian Grey's right-hand man, Taylor, has to pick up his daughter from dance class it's just another inconvenient interruption to his day. But the beautiful ballet teacher is someone Christian will not soon forget. No cheating. Taylor - Complete. Switched by singinilovebooks reviews What would happen if Clary knew she was a shadowhunter, but Jace didn't? I don't own the Mortal Instruments.

That's when she her long lost sister, and the new love of her life. Little does she know that her life will change in the biggest way possible. In the end, she meets someone who saves her from herself. Eric x oc Godric x oc. Eric x oc x Godric. Vibrations by DreamerNightingale reviews Samantha already had a lot on her plate, with the thoughts of fast approaching mortality.

But now, she has to deal with suicidal Sherriffs, anti-Vampire churches, and maybe love. Can she get past her mortality to enjoy it? Loved by LonelyEyes90 reviews Edward left. Sam imprints on Bella. Through battles and heartbreak and falling in love Logan aka the Wolverine, Charlotte proves that she is one of the more useful members of the X-Men.

While keeping a relationship with her father at the same time. My Imprint, My Paul by mcs reviews Bella Uley is about to learn her tribes legends are true after her big brother Sam goes missing for weeks. Rated M for Lemons and Language under 18 don't read. What if? What if he took her with him back to his house where an unexpected Sam,dean, Ellen, Jo,and John were waiting.

What if that little girl bobby found was Isabella swan. Well, What If? Broken Bird by RockerPanda reviews Bella was nothing, she suffered from neglect as a child and now struggles to move forward as an adult. Edward is a successful millionaire and suffers horribly as his daughter is kidnapped by her neglectant and abusive Mother whilst vanishing for years.

What if Bella found this broken child? They saved each other. Finding Winter by waterflower63 reviews A young girl forced to go through life with a terrible secret that haunts her. With no friends, or a family that loves her she is alone. She finds herself in a new world where she has the chance to be herself and make friends, while embarking on and extraordinary journey. How will she survive in a world where she is unknown and lost?

This Bird You Cannot Change by thirteen-ohclock reviews When Marko becomes interested in a new girl he takes David's advice on how to keep her interested. His advice comes at a price and Marko finds out if he can keep his new bird caged or if she will be more than the pack can handle. Will Brylee ever be free again? Or is she doomed to be caged by Marko and the pack forever. Crimson Rain by rdawg16 reviews When Leah's grandmother is killed she is forced to return to Bon Temps, a town she hoped to leave in her rear view.

She just wanted to pay her respects to the woman who raised her. What she never expected was to get swept up into the world of the supernatural. How will Leah deal with vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, and faeries? And a certain vampire sheriff? Wild will by ceann aisteach reviews What if Paul imprinted on Bella the day that she slapped him? How will they react and how will they handle all that life throws at them.

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What if I Don't Want to Win? Peeta is the Seam boy with a sibling to protect and a family to feed, while Katniss is the merchant girl with the seemingly good life. Loosely following the plot of canon, just their positions reversed, personalities altered slightly in accordance.

Slightly better description inside. Rated T for language. Beautiful Soul by DreamerNightingale reviews Everyone in town calls Sookie strange, but Sookie knows her cousin is stranger. Samantha is hyperaware of everything around her, so she tends to stay away from people. But there's something she hasn't even told her cousin about. She can see a person's soul. Can she use her skills to save a suicidal Sheriff or will it be too late?

Bella's moves to Gotham at 21 and becomes entangled with the King and Queen of Gotham and they claim her as there Princess. Set after Suicide Squad and pretend Waller is dead and the Squad was released. The end of my Keely Northman Series What will happen between Keely and Eric? What about the fatal Hep-V and what will happen to the rest of Bon Temps?

Strong Lovers by Izzy49 reviews Bella Swan moves home after ten years of being gone. What could happen when she meets the Cullen's, Whitlock's and Volturi. Fire is Catching by nessarose21 reviews "If you'd been taken by the Capitol, and hijacked, and then tried to kill Peeta, is this the way he would be treating you? Spoilers for all 3 books. Forensic Drama by Steele Bound reviews Anastasia is a forensic specialist and a broken women.

He does not know who she is until Elliot Grey gets hired by her to build her dream house right in-between Christian's parents and brothers property. He is pissed off and ready to play dirty. Master by Mommyof1 reviews Bella is chosen as a pet for a head vampire, but there is competition for her.

Who will be her Master? In a world where vampires control does she have a choice? Ashni: Mutant and Proud by HerondaleSalvatoreGirl22 reviews Katerina Marshall was your average teenage girl until the day she got her abnormal electric blue eyes. She hates being different Will that change when two strangers appear on her doorstep claiming she's like them? Will she accept herself as Mutant and be Proud of being one? And to make things worse, in enters Edward, the unbelivably handsome guy who saves her life.

But can she figure out his secret before he figures out hers while she develops feelings for the golden eyed mystery guy. Can they overcome obstacles and find Love? But her peaceful life changed when she appeared to be bound to the One Ring of Power in some mysterious way. Joining the Fellowship to find out the truth, she had no idea how much her life would change The Baby Wolf by Leah7Writes reviews When a baby shifter is left on the packs doorstep, the pack become much closer. Can baby Bella change the ways of the hot head wolf?

Can she give the infertile a child? What happened to Elena? But nobody knows for sure. Christian is gifted a sub Ana from Elena before she disappeared. The story isn't just about what happened to Elena, but mainly a love story that will take time to form with a clues inside. But the question remains who did it? It won't be reveled until the end. Co-collaborator and idea former Stargazer93!

Robinson - Complete. What if her past was similar to his? Would he be able to help her the way Grace helped him? Would little Nevaeh be the one to soften his cold heart. Christian and Ana will be together but Nevaeh shows up a little before she does. I got asked to do a Dom Paul Sub Bella one shot piece so here it is. Rated Mature for language, sexual situations that include rough sex. All consensual.

Enjoy so long as you're 18 years old. Not Yet by airforcefiancee reviews What if Christian doesn't know that Ana is pregnant when him and Ana have issues and when she is shot by Jake Hyde? Control of life by Princess lost within darkness reviews Bella's life was never in her control. But after Bella suffers many losses she needs to get her control back only that way will she succeed. But when she gets a call from S.

D directory Fury. Will her life stay in her control or will she give it up willingly to a certain thunder god. A Wicked Game by itsmorgan reviews Katniss has been in control of her family's life since the untimely passing of her father. She likes being in control but maybe all Katniss needs to finally find a piece of mind is to hands the reigns over to someone else for a little while. Sam Uley is the mafia's godfather and one of the most feared ones around. It's love, obsession and possession when it comes to bella swan will she fall for Sam or will she run no matter what tho he will always find her.

Expect everyone thinks it is Charlie and Billy is happy pretending that. How far will Jasper go to save her? Or will he continue to follow Maria blindly? Set in our time. Betaed by Checkmate Soulmate by QueenofMidnightSteampunkness reviews Clary Morgenstern has survived the war against her own flesh and blood. After the war, Clary and Jace broke up after hearing she had a soulmate who was most definitely not Jace. This 'soulmate' happens to be apart of the Fae court One shot.

Threesome, pairing, 18 for language, sex and basically all adult themes. Bella is a witch forced to move in with her normal father. She must keep her abilities a secret while trying to solve the mystery of her strange nightmares and who this "major of our heart" is that the spirits speak of? Rated M for Character Death and strong Violence. Fifty Shades of Touched by Trixiesmom2u reviews What happens when Ana trips into Christian's office and he meets someone with haphephobia, bringing out his compassionate and protective instincts.

The characters belong to E L James, I'm just borrowing them. Her life as she knows it seems to be over and she is struggling to find a way out of this nightmare. Who are the Cullen's? What are Jasper's plans for her? Will she survive? Hell's Bells by maxipoo reviews She's an incredibly driven and brilliant detective that avoids her complicated past by throwing herself into her work.

He's a hunter destined for greatness with a compulsion to sacrifice himself to save the people he loves. Bella and Dean already crossed paths once back in Forks. But soon she discovers that Bilbo possesses something dark and dangerous, the One Ring. She agrees to help Frodo take the Ring away from the peaceful Shire, only to run into an old friend along with a quest full of adventures and peril.

That Hunter Chick by angelem reviews Bella Swan was left by Edward,but she never really loved him.

Alec Lightwood

He dazzled her the whole time they were together. Instead of being hollow,she goes through a process similar to drug withdrawal because of lacking his dazzling. After Charlie dies, Bella decides to become a hunter with the help of Bobby Singer. She may meet a pair of men with a Chevy Impala. One fateful night brings her back into her friend's life's and she gets back into the Bon Temps society, will her maker approve? Oh and did I mention she's forever 16? Plus what's more she's like a young Warlow!

What would have happened if Valentine had taken Clary after she destroyed his boat. If he had taken her out of the water before her friends and family got to her. What would Valentine do if he was able to have Clary make him new runes and would she be able to escape? Eventual smut in later chapters. She has moved on with her life but Angela turns up missing. Everyone thinks it's a runaway story but Bella knows different. She was kidnapped. Bella plans to search for Angela with Jessica's help but finds herself in the same fate.

In an underground auction house being sold as a play thing to the highest bidding vampire. What happens when Bella is get strange high fevers in New Moon. What if when Jacob was telling her they couldn't be friends she changed into a wolf right in front of him. Vital Signs by inspired. She loves her patients like family and wouldn't trade her job for the world; however, one day changes her life forever. What happens when Ana is the nurse for Christian Grey?

What kind of love will she develop for this man? Lost Boys new queen by felicia reviews The end of the movie never happened. None of the lost boys died. Lucy fell in love with Max and agreed to be turned. A new girl running from a horrible childhood lands herself in Santa Carla. On her first night there she saves Laddie and catches the atten of the Lost boys.

Mutil paring and slash. Dont like this type of smut dont read. She wakes up in a place called Middle Earth where she joins the Fellowship of the Ring. While she is here two elves will battle for her heart and love. Legolas of Mirkwood and Haldir of Lorien. But during the war of the ring another man will come to love her Eomer of Rohan. Hearts will be broken. Will love conquer all? Set during Eclipse. Bella's wedding to Edward is well on its way to being planned by Alice and you would think Bella should be happy right? She's miserable.

Bella became a different person after Edward left a darker person with dark desires that Edward cannot fill so she and Jake run and find there happiness in the Lost boys. Rated for language and violence. Everlark and possibly Hayffie in later chapters. Another Path by junebug19 reviews What happens if Clary never went to the Pandemonium and missed that fateful meeting with Jace, Izzy and Alec? Clary is kidnapped by Valentine along with her mother and becomes part of Valentine's plans to take over the Clave. She meets her brother, Jonathan, before ever knowing Jace. Is their love predestined?

Will they still find a way into each other's lives? Fly High by NorthernPrincess reviews As the daughter of a certain mentor, Katniss Abernathy knows what happens after you survive. When she is reaped aged 12, her whole world turns upside down. A family of victors and a potential love interest are around her.

Will she survive Snow's wrath? T because of the language used. Katniss Everdeen is now captured by the Capitol and is being tortured. In the war between Valentine and the Clave, Valentine wins. Complete Summary inside. After two months of Bella's spiraling depression, Charlie has decided that Bella is not safe to be left home alone while he is at work and she is on Christmas Break.

What will Charlie do? Will Bella and Jacob find their way to each other and to their rightful place? With body and mind forever damaged, it is his heart and soul that remain untouched. Peeta struggles to find himself again, not knowing who to trust. Can true love heal the Boy with the Bread? Or is he lost forever. Finding Answers by gabby. How will her presence effect Jeremy, Nick, and the rest of the gang? What will the mutation mean for werewolves? Will love be in the air for Nick? Chapters or additions will be uploaded upon requests. Happens after the aftermath of the Mutts and Elena dealing with Phil's death.

The streets of London by The Bagpiper reviews After Edward left her with a broken heart, Bella is taken back home by her brother. Four years later, Bella is trying hard to overcome the horrors of the war and a bleeding heart when by mere chance she runs into Edward while shopping with Ginny in muggle London. There on the streets of London, Bella's future takes another turn but with it include the Cullens?

Erik knows that the only way to help the future they need to send Bella with Logan. Somehow he knows that the spunky brunette will be able to help him with the past Charles. Heaven Sent by Bubbleybear reviews Edward is doing his job, teaching high school, but he isn't happy. He's the only single in a coven of happily mated vampires.

Edward is lonely until a new student teacher steps into his class room. She's his mate, but is she even human?

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Zombie Angel by AlexandriaWinchester reviews Astrid Moore enters the dark world of zombies and her world is turned upside down. Meeting a certain zombie they both battle their own demons and the judgment of family and friends. Fighting new enemies and old can their love stand the test of time? Dean Winchester is hunting alone when he meets Bobby's daughter: Bella Singer. Bella is running from a past she can never truly escape and holding a grudge against the people she once called family.

Amidst the chaos of revenge and caught up in a demons plans for war can the pair finally let go of the past and find love? They become like family to her and maybe others. On Hold trying to make sure that it's a good one. Also writing another story might be easier to write. Moroi Rose by Nessiedxk reviews Roses life cant get any worse first she has to go to St. Vlads with her brothers Adrian and Christian! Together with Sam and Dean, they learn that though they'd tried to shield her from the supernatural it seems she's been surrounded by it her whole life — more than even she knows.

Set in season 5 of Supernatural, 3 years after New Moon. Michael has accepted his vampire life. Sam is nearly eighteen, Max wants him turned. Lucy had a daughter who is coming to live with the vampire family, How will Anna react to it. Anna has a secret, what happens when Max and the boys find out what she is. Also Dwayne finds out Anna is his mate.

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Unbreakable Love by bishstyles reviews Based after the first book ends. Christian seeks out Ana some time after she left him at Escala. Ana is self destructing; can Christian save her from herself while also trying to fix himself? Contains explicit language and some graphic scenes. Actually Star Crossed by dalovelover reviews After the 75th Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark was captured by the capital and brainwashed, deleting his memories of both games, and particularly, Katniss Everdeen.

Katniss was sent back to district 12 to be a slave for the capital; Where Peeta is the new president. A slight Cinderella story. Will Peeta ever remember who Katniss is? Forbidden love tastes the sweetest. Rated M in case. Bella's Reservation by merdarkandtwisty reviews Bella Black is the future cheif her father Charlie is the current one.

What happens when her first love comes back into her life months after Edward leaves? Will she forgive him and take him back or is it Edward she wants? On a night down at the beach on the Quileute reservation something happens to Bella that she doesn't understand - she is imprinted on by Sam Ulley. How will she deal with this when she has no idea about the wolf shifting or the legends that come with it? Atlantis by mockinjay14 reviews Peeta Mellark has spent his whole life obsessing over the lost City of Atlantis. When the opportunity to find this mysterious empire arises, he simply can't refuse the offer.

But what will he find when he reaches the ancient city? Or more importantly- what will find him? Based off of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I don't own The Hunger Games, Atlantis, or any characters. Especially when your brother is Charles Xavier. Skin Deep by Iloveboyzthatsparkle reviews Bella is happily working as a tattoo artist but all that changes when a seemingly harmless drink at her local bar sends her into her worst nightmare!

Having to deal with a possessive slighty aggressive mate, his eccentric family and overbearing ex-lovers, will Bella be able to survive? If you like possessive or dominate edward this is the story for you! So she ended it with him but he had secrets, heart broken she decides to go spend time with her cousions in Mystic Falls there she meets Damon and he uses her untill he gets to know her and he helps her with her hurt. The Beauty Within by PeetasAndHerondales reviews When Katniss takes her father's place to save him from the hijacked Prince Peeta, she realizes that there is more to him than meets the eye.

For the thgchallenges Fairy tale prompts on tumblr. Based off of Beauty and the Beast. Beautiful banner made by Ro Nordmann! Damon's Little Girl by Southern AnnaBelle reviews This story is marked complete, but this is actually not fully finished. I am putting the story on a permanent hiatus and will accordingly change when I decide what to do with this story. Thank you for understanding and please see my bio for more information. Lost in a Haze by bookworm reviews Katniss is picked up by the Capitol in Catching Fire and Peeta is rescued by the rebels. How far will he go to save her?

What will Katniss suffer in the Capitol? This story will go all the way through Mockingjay and beyond. Rated T, but maybe M later. The Alpha's Mate by Sassy Girl reviews During the red moon an attack on the Panthera compound wipes out almost the whole entire race from existence. One survivor must make it to Stonehaven if she is expected to live. There's an instant bond between wolf pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers and this woman. What does that mean for him? Has he really found himself a forever mate?

He loves his life, all that's missing is that woman to keep him in line. What happens when he runs across a brunette being beaten in an alley way? Something changes in him in that moment something that he never thought possible. What changed? What did he think impossible? Future rating of M due to language. Original Characters in this story. Slight OOC. The Cullen's stumble upon Bella while they were hunting, and naturally they take her home with them. Read the story through the eyes of multiple characters as they follow Bella, and the changes she brings along with her. It may be a bit rough around the edges at first, but I've been assured it's a great read!

Please give it a chance! When Bella finds out that she's adopted, she finally forgets about Edward temporarily as she moves to Mystic Falls to meet her slightly younger doppelganger sister and younger brother. Stefan Salvatore was still a mess after Elena confessed her love to Damon until one day he see Bella. But, as close as the twins are, she has a secret Ciel cannot find out.

Why does his demon butler take special care of her even though they don't have a contract? Will end up being OCxSebastian and may have a lemon or two. Originally posted on Wattpad. I am going to start the rewrite tonight.

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By Your Hand I Have Loved by dandelionsandroses reviews "Katniss, this is King Peeta, he has come from the great country of Panem," her father's breath became shaky, "Daughter, he has come from Panem to request your hand in marriage in exchange for protection and wealth for our country. What If by Mrs.

Cullen reviews Bella's life in Phoenix was slightly different than we remember, so are her circumstances for coming to Forks. In fact there's a little one she's carrying. While trying to avoid any attachments in Forks she just so happens to meet Edward Cullen. Everything remains the same other than a few characters added. Normal pairings. Edward left her so she's moving back to Mystic Falls to be with her sister after an accident killimg their parents.

Elena is attracted to the broody, mysterious young man that moves to town, with his older brother. And Bella is torn between the girl she wants to be and a mysterious young man is not making it easy. Dancing With Wolves by comet04 reviews Cara knew Elena before the change and after her friend came back from being MIA for too long she isn't letting that happen again. So when she hears Elena is with a family that she has never mentioned after an "accident" Cara goes to investigate and ends up biting off more then she can chew. Eventual NickXOC. Beside the Bay by Vampires Done Right reviews When Bella followed after Edward that day in the woods, she went farther than she should and stumbled across a cougar.

Found by Sam Uley she barely survives her injuries. Now, Bella struggles to heal while Paul struggles with having imprinted on her. Both of them are gonna need a push in the right direction. Thankfully they have pack and good friends to give then said push. So, this is my version of what would have happened if Katniss had been hijacked by the Capitol and not Peeta. It also explores how some, um, interesting interactions would take place while Katniss was hijacked.

However when two young FBI agents come asking questions about the famous family Isabella starts to question who the Cullens were. You know him… He wouldn't do that! He totally would. They Rescued Peeta by cjstardust reviews What would have happened if Peeta was rescued from the Quarter Quell, and Katniss was left behind?

This story will be told from the perspectives of both Peeta and Katniss, of moments in time after the rescue, and throughout the war. What could this average girl named "Bella Swan" possibly do that gained the interest of S. Will not contain torture! Will Bella ever be the same? Will she fall for her hero? What will their parents think? What about the pack? What about the Avengers. Katniss is captured by the Capitol, and there's a twist. Will the star crossed lovers find their way back to each other? Rogue never got that 'cure' and Pyro never joined the Brotherhood.

Bella runs away after Jake tells her to leave him alone. Partners with John Winchester, they had raised their kids together.. Until Renee took Charlie to court and Bella was taken. Years later, what happens when the boys meet up with one helluva huntress? A Game to Remember by sharpiedoodler reviews What would of happened if Katniss wasn't from District 12? What if she volunteered for the Games in District 7, with Johanna Mason as her mentor.

And what if the moment she and Peeta met, they fell in love. I never thought that this would happen to me. Two rejections: one from whom I loved and one from whom I never yet got the chance to love. The world is changing around me. The darkness seeps over the land like a plague, and it is only one who can save us all. A little hobbit from the shire. My feelings set aside I go on a quest that will change me. Battle For Your Heart by rusticheart reviews Bella leaves with Alice for Volterra, Italy, to save Edward from his pathetic and suicidal display of love, but crosses paths with a vicious leader.

All is fair in love and war. Set in NM. Short fic? Lots of Lang. I am HIS by Hummelberry Addict reviews What if the Capitol did not hijack Peeta to hate Katniss, but to act dominant and to believe all the lies he told about the wedding and baby are true? Bella feels angry Jacob left her for Sam Uley and his gang. Now she has to run from them. Bella swan belongs to them. The swan girls by TheXDemonXUnicorn reviews Summary: Bella and her sisters Rosalie and Alice get kicked out of there house because of their moms new boyfriend and sent to La Push where they meet a certain pack of wolves and get imprinted on.

Two wolves per imprintee. My first story so I'm open to any advice or criticism. What happens when Finnick gets reaped? What happens if the year after that Katniss gets reaped? Katniss lives in District 4. Rated T for Language, Theme, and Death. She is tortured and put through hell till three unknown likely savors save her and get her away from Victoria. She runs to Dallas to start a new life but trouble it seems finds her there as well. But when they arrive to the sleepy town they're met with more than a few surprises.

They find themselves pulled into the world of the supernatural, and realize their lives will never be the same again. He was Aro's protege, and he was just as ruthless, if not more so, than Aro. Edward Masen had little remorse for life; both vampire and human. He had many lovers throughout the years, but disposed of them within a years time. No one had ever really struck an interest in him. Until her. Katniss was supposed to be the Mockingjay, but Peeta must accept the role in order for Coin to agree to rescue Katniss from the Capitol.

During her senior year at St. Vladimir's, she will go through extreme tribulations-Including her sexy new guardian by the name of none other than Dimitri Belikov-along with her best friend and Dhampir guardian, Lissa Dragomir. Can Rose get through all of the drama that seems to be piling on in her life? Ana and Christian - Having A Baby by lillian reviews After the Boathouse Proposal, after the wedding and after the honeymoon Ana and Christian are finally settling into married life. Then Ana tells Christian she is pregnant. This is my interpretation of what happened after Fifty Shades Freed.

Same theme and relationships as in After the Boathouse and no cheating. Fun, laughter, tears and romance! She was their favorite victor and President Snow's favorite pawn. Cato Stone was trained to win this game ever since he was born but the moment he laid his eyes upon her, he knew he wanted to win her instead. But it isn't long until Peeta realizes that not only has Katniss had her memories tampered with, but that she is strangely slipping away from reach- for a reason no one knows.

When Voldemort comes back Dumbledore needs the other Cullen what would she do. The what ifs will kill you by Broken-youth reviews 6 year old Bella Swan has seen enough death to last her an eternity. Her elder sister is the only one left and Bella is determined not to lose her. When a tragedy strikes, 6 year old Bella is alone.

That's until the Cullen's take her in. They love her as if she was one of their own - and in return she keeps the secret, finding a new family where before she didn't have one. Heart broken and unable to cope she moves to a town called Mystic Falls where her life becomes involved in a war.

Meant to Be by imapeppergirl reviews Adopted: Bella dies and becomes an angel of the Lord. After the fall of the Angels, she meets up with some old friends. It's up to her and her new and old friends to help the angels get back to heaven. The Missing Piece by FaizahPandora reviews Based loosely off season one of the show, rather than the books. Story about a girl born a werewolf, but doesn't know it.

This is her fight to come to terms with what she is. In first person POV, but occasionally may be turned into 3rd person for story purposes. She has strange dreams of a blonde haired man with red eyes. Renee decided to kick the girls out to go live with Charlie, Bella's dad. Will Bella and Katarina's secret stay safe; or will the be exposed for the winged creatures they are?